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Don't Feed the Deficit Crows!

Fear not the deficit crows! They are easily scared away.
Fear not the deficit crows! They are easily scared away.
The deficit crows demand a lot of attention and their warnings are quite ominous. They bluster about the "tyranny" of taxes and how government spending is putting us on the road to bankruptcy, jeopardizing our children's future and maybe even civilization itself. They're also very quick to point fingers about how this politician or that one is wasteful and irresponsible and must be thrown out of office.
Yes, the deficit crows are a very, very angry bunch of birds. They hate Westfield's clock tower, they hate the Great River Bridge water cannons, they hate the new town green, they hate mold removal from municipal buildings, they hate new schools, they hate government workers. To the screeching deficit crows, just about any increase in government spending throws them into an apocalyptic rage and gets them calling for the heads of all politicians who approved them. Anyone who reads the MassLive forums or the Westfield News knows what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, the deficit crows aren't very well informed about matters.
Although the deficit crows are mostly just nuisance pests that don't do much harm, they become a problem for us when city councilors (who might even be deficit crows themselves!) become afraid of them and allow them to dictate our priorities and make unnecessary cuts to our city's budget. The real truth is, though, that for every large, angry, black crow squawking from the tree tops, there are hundreds of other birds, sight unseen, happily warbling  away, that understand the importance of community, cooperation and sacrifice for the public good.
It would be terribly foolish to cut all the good work our tax money does to satisfy a few angry, and ultimately unappeasable birds. Let's not let them undermine all the wonderful work that we can do as a community when we pool our resources and talents together. We need to encourage our city council to take a leadership role and stop being afraid of these deficit crows.
But they need to hear from all of you, those who understand the importance of community and coming together to support a cause and the importance of good and effective government. What we need to do is join together and make a lot of noise and drown out the deficit crows.
So please do your absolute best to come Wednesday, June 19th, to the city council meeting at 6:30pm at the South Middle School auditorium to let your opinion be heard. Tell your city councilor: "DON'T FEED THE DEFICIT CROWS, LEAVE THE MAYOR'S BUDGET ALONE!"