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How Did Your City Councilors Vote on the Budget Cuts?

On June 19, 2013, a vote was taken in a special meeting to approve the mayor's budget as approved.

Councilor in favor of Beltrandi's measure to approve the budget were: Ann Callahan, Brian Sullivan, John Beltrandi, Brent Bean, Jim Adams, Kevin Harragy, Christopher Crean
Councilor's voting no: Mary O'Connell, Richard Onofrey, David Flaherty, Agma Maria Sweeney, Brian Winters

More information on how this vote went down is here: http://savewestfieldschools.org/story/most-westfield-city-councilors-come-their-senses-vote-accept-mayors-budget

On June 24, 2010, two votes were taken regarding the cutting of school budget funds. These votes were a used as a negotiating strategy in an attempt to "play hard ball" with the teachers union. These are the votes that placed our school's funding at risk and jeopardized the well-being of our children. For more information on why we think this vote was a horrendous mistake, please see our City Councilor Scorecard.

NOTE: Because of a decision by the State Ethics Commission, five city councilors were barred from voting because of a conflict of interest by having an immediate family member working in the school department. This is why only eight votes were taken.

The first vote: 
That the sum of $52,031,646.00 be CUT from the School Department budget. The vote on the foregoing was as follows:

Gerald Tracy No
Patti Andras No
John Beltrandi III No
James Brown, Jr. No
David Flaherty Yes
Christopher Keefe No
Nicholas Morganelli, Jr. No
Richard Onofrey, Jr. No 

The second vote:
That the sum of $864,345.00 be CUT from the School Department budget.

Gerald Tracy Yes
Patti Andras Yes
John Beltrandi III Yes
James Brown, Jr. Yes
David Flaherty No
Christopher Keefe Yes 
Nicholas Morganelli, Jr. Yes
Richard Onofrey, Jr. Yes

Click below for a copy of the meeting minutes.