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City Councilor Responses to Residents

City Councilor David Flaherty Responds to Our Essay About His Insincerity

Councilor David Flaherty has responded to the essay posted here on the Save Westfield Schools website yesterday which accused him of being insincere in his bid to place a Proposition 2 1/2 override vote before the citizens of Westfield. He posted his response to his favorite public soapbox, the Westfield MassLive Forum run by the Republican newspaper. His original response to our essay is comment #6 under post #25378 and is entitled, "Response to Paulstonian and sw03." 

For several reasons, we believe that the Mass Live Forum is a less than ideal platform for public debate so we are posting a point-by-point response to Flaherty's Mass Live comment here on our website. Flaherty's responses are in bold with our responses italicized and indented. Please read on.


Councilor O'Connell to Bill Stephens

Councilor Flaherty to Peg Considine

Councilor Andras to Bill Stephens

Councilor Keefe to Bill and Lisa Stephens

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